The improving technological scenario poses to the department a challenge of continuously updating its curriculum and faculty to be able to provide state-of-the art education to the students, resulting many University Gold and Silver Medalist over the various academic years.



Faculty Members:

Designation: Head of the Department
Name: Dr. Goutam Kr. Biswas (Associate Professor)
Specialization: Astrophysics
Experience: Joined as HOD in 2016
Email ID:
Contact No: 09434715506


Teaching Staffs:

Name: Mr. Prem Kumar Jha (Assistant Professor Cont.)
Specialization: Artificial Intelligence
Experience: 2008 – Present
Email ID:
Contact No: 9474687414


Name: Mr. Dipak Kumar Sarkar (Assistant Professor Cont.)
Experience: 2008 – Present
Email ID:
Contact No: 9832064129/9933064129


Name: Mrs. Priyanka Chatterjee (Assistant Professor Cont.)
Specialization: Artificial Intelligence & GIS
Experience: 2006 – Present
Email ID:
Contact No: Contact No: 9434327590


Name: Mr. Shibaji Kundu (Assistant Professor Cont.)
Specialization: Cryptography
Experience: 2015 – Present
Email ID:
Contact No: 9476263445


Name: Mr. Rishav Upadhyay (Assistant Professor Cont.)
Specialization: Pattern Recognition & Cryptography
Experience: Joined in 2017
Email ID:
Contact No: 9735917494

Non-teaching Staff:


Name: Mr. Sushil Kumar Ram
Specialization: Microprocessor & Digital Kit
Experience: 2000 – Present
Email ID:
Contact No: 8637581950


Name: Mr. Sudipta Das
Specialization: MS Office
Experience: 2016 – Present
Email ID: Email ID:
Contact No: 7001884611

Courses and Syllabi:
The department offers:

  • B.Sc. 3 Years(Hons) in Computer Science
  • BCA 3 Years(Six semesters)

Syllabus of North Bengal University is followed for both B.Sc.
(Hons) and BCA course.

The department has modern laboratories to serve the teaching and research needs of the students and faculties of the department. There are three labs classified as two Programming labs and a Hardware lab. The programming labs comprise 15 4th generation Computers with networking facilities. All faculty members and students have sole access to
all the prior facilities.

  • The students of the department have participated in various workshops and conferences.
  • Seminars and conferences are held by the Department in a frequent manner.
  • Various research papers of the faculties have been published by renowned publishers.
  • Classes of Guest lectures by distinguished Professors.
  • Encouraging the students in research activities is one of the prime objectives which in result produce various
    distinct works in every academic year.


Contact Details of Head:

Email ID:
Contact No: 09434715506