About the Department:

Department of Mathematics, Siliguri College is one of the oldest department of the college which was established in the year 1950, having enormous influence on the past and present academic environment of the region. Each year our students secureranks in national level competitive examinations including IIT-JAM and are well established in their professional lives.The Department successfully organized two UGC sponsored National seminars in the year of 2007 and 2011 and also a one day seminar (Regional) in the year 2017.


Faculty Members

Name: Prof.Swapan Kumar Ghosh.
Designation: Associate Professor and HOD
Specialization: Statistics.
Research Experience : Published 04 research papers in reputed International Journals.
Teaching Experience: 26 years.


Name: Dr. Goutam Kr. Biswas
Designation: Associate Professor
Specialization: Mathematical Astrophysics.
Research Experience : Published 19 research papers in reputed International/ National Journals

and completed 02 UGC sponsored MRP. Teaching Experience: 18 years.



Name: Dr.Ajit De
Designation: Designation: Assistant Professor.
Specialization: Geophysics/Seismology.
Research Experience : Published 10 research papers in reputed International/National Journals

and one ongoing UGC sponsored MRP.

Teaching Experience : 16 years.
e-mail: e-mail:;


Name: Prof.; Md. Reduanur Mandal
Designation: Assistant Professor.
Specialization: Mathematical Biology
Research Experience : Published 01 research papers in reputed International Journal.
Teaching Experience : 02 years.


Courses:3 years B.Sc. Honours and General courses.



B.Sc. (Honours)
Part – I:; Algebra (Linear-I : Modern-I : Classical), Number Theory, Mathematical Logic, Vector Algebra, Real Analysis-I, Calculus of Single and Several variables -I, Analytical; Geometry(2D), Integral Calculus –I, Differential Equations –I.
Part –II:Real Analysis –II, Calculus of Several variables –II, Application of Calculus, Integral Calculus –II, Dynamics of a particle, Modern Algebra – II, Vector Analysis, Analytical Geometry(3D). Differential Equations –II.
Part –III: Linear Programming and Optimization, Tensor Algebra and Analysis, Real Analysis –III, Integral Calculus –III, Metric Space, Complex Analysis, Modern Algebra –
III, Theory of Probability, Rigid Dynamics, Theory of Statistics, Analytical Statics, Classical Mechanics, Discrete Mathematics and Boolean Algebra, Graph Theory, Numerical Analysis, Computer Science and Programming.;
Numerical Methods: Practical (50 marks).

B.Sc. (General)
Part-I: Classical Algebra, Modern Algebra, Linear Algebra, Analytical Geometry (2D & 3D), Vector Algebra, Differential Calculus, Complex Analysis.
Part-II: Integral Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Linear Programming and Optimization, Analytical Dynamics, Probability and Statistics.Part-III: Computer Science & Programming, A Course of Calculus, Discrete Mathematics.
Practical: Numerical Methods (25 marks).


  1. Computer facility: Department provides computer lab. for the students.;
  2. Departmental Library: Accessed by the departmental students with nearly 350 books.
  3. Internet Facility: Availed both teachers and students.
  4. Printer :Department provides printing facility.;
  5. Drinking Water: Purified water is available for both Students and teachers.;;


  1. Tutorial classes for the students.
  2. Department take regular class tests / unit tests and provide assignments to improve the performance of the students.
  3. Department meet the guardians in a regular interval to improve the quality of the students.
  4. Department also organize educational tour.

Contact details of HOD: +91 9832503728